Message in a Bottle

From Hearts to Hands
From Pain to Paper
From Love to Letters
From Wounds to Words





plural noun: relationships
the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

We want to invite you to join us as we embark on our next voyage
By contributing to a series of anonymous open-letters
To someone in your life

Maybe it’s something you’ve wanted to tell someone
Maybe it’s all the things you wish you had said
Maybe it’s something you’re afraid to say
Maybe it’s a simple reminder.

How to submit

All submissions should fit on a 4”x 6” page.

Letters should be addressed to someone by using their relationship term to you (example: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend, Ex, Future-Self, Stranger at school, etc… etc… ) and signed with your relationship to them (Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Friend, Ex, etc… etc… )

Be as honest, as open, and as colorful as you’re comfortable with.

Your name will not be shared.

Your letter should be handmade (it doesn’t necessarily have to be hand-written, but we want it to be creative. )

NO COPYRIGHTED IMAGES OR TRADEMARKED LOGOS may be used in creating your letter.

By submitting your letter you are consenting to have it displayed online or published in a book to be sold to the public.

Not every submission is guaranteed to be published.

Mail your letter to: 
Secret Midnight Press
PO Box 14831 
Columbus, OH 43214

Or scan and email your letter to: